Call for Research Grant Proposals: Environment, Climate Change and Human Rights

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    The Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (hereinafter “RWI”), Lund, Sweden, in collaboration with its academic cooperation partners under the Zimbabwe Human Rights Capacity Development Programme 2024-2026, is launching a call (hereinafter “Call”) for research grants proposals.

    Deadline: 08-Jul-24

    Funding Information

    • The amount of the grant will be decided by the Selection Committee in light of the supplied simplified budget. In addition, the identified scope and needs of the research and other relevant factors of the project will be taken into consideration. As a point of reference, the budgets for individual research projects should not exceed USD 1000 and for a team of two on a research project USD 2000.
    • With regard to attendance at the National Symposium and Policy Brief Workshop expected to be held 2 – 4 December 2024 in Harare, all grant recipients who do not live in Harare or its vicinity will be provided with compensation for transportation costs, as well as accommodation and a fixed daily allowance, in accordance with standard rates applied by RWI.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Academic faculty members and researchers from Zimbabwean universities, independent research centres, independent commissions and civil society organisations are eligible to apply both individually and jointly. Proposals must demonstrate necessary support by the applicant’s dean/director (or equivalent).

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