Working to increase the direct flow of resources from funders to organizations around the world

KujaLink helps civil society organizations access the resources necessary to support their work.

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KujaLink meaningful connections

KujaLink is a vital piece of infrastructure, an online platform, connecting civil society organizations in countries which receive humanitarian and development assistance to funders around the world.

In early 2024 KujaLink will begin offering funder briefings for funders and funder collaboratives in the areas of Humanitarian and Disaster Response, Environment and Climate Change, Youth, Women, Refugee Leadership and Ukraine who want to give more directly and expanded learning and consulting services.

KujaLink has direct access to funders and a deep understanding of the current trends in funding through our engagement in global networks and advocacy platforms.

Today we have

  • 2006Users

  • 1002Organizations

  • 40+ Funders & Networks

KujaLink is a civil society infrastructure project of Adeso.

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