Moderation Policy

This document covers policy for online discussions and interactions on the KujaLink platform. 

Moderation Aims

It should be noted that as a member you may find differing opinions or experiences from other members that you might find offensive. It is for this reason that this document is in place. Our aim at all times is to provide a place where the maximum, respectful discussions can take place on this platform.

As we are dealing with a large community, we try our best to be fair when moderating the different viewpoints while at the same time not being too harsh to our community members. This is hard to achieve as there will always be somebody who finds the policy too harsh. 

How Do I Report Abuse? 

Inform the community management team of any post or interaction you feel violating by sending an email to The report is confidential to you and the community manager and cannot be seen by the offender. 

Libelous Content 

If you feel like you or the organisation you are representing has been defamed or libeled on the platform, kindly contact the community manager to have the post removed. Shoot an email to

Reasons My Abuse Report Was Not Accepted

The community manager requires enough proof to decide that a member has been negatively impacted by content posted on the platform or interaction with another member on the platform. 

With the proof provided, the manager can either accept or reject the claims highlighted depending on the rules highlighted in the code of conduct. 

What Should I Do If My Post Is Moderated? 

If the community manager edits or deletes your post, they will send you  a private message or a note on the platform explaining why. 

If the message does not seem reason enough for action taken on your post, reach out to the community manager with your concerns.  

Avoid reposting your message once it’s been deleted and do not try to make a mockery of the community manager for whatever action they performed on your post. 

Ownership and Liability of Posts

Note that all messages posted on the site by a certain member are their sole opinion and responsibility. We retain the right to edit, delete, transfer, keep and share posts at our sole discretion.

The Rules

Extend Basic Courtesy to All Users

Always be respectful of other users, the system, and the community manager whenever on the platform.

Content Attribution

As a member if  you repost another member’s posts, please give them their recognition – otherwise this is considered theft of content. 

State your original source.  

Commercial Posts

The platform is not an avenue for members to advertise their products. Commercial posts are not allowed! 

Personal Insults

Abusing each other is not allowed and will not be condoned on the platform. 

If a member insults you, do not insult them back! Simply send an email to the community manager and report this incident. 

Veering Off Topic

Please ensure that you are ALWAYS on topic of what is being discussed by another member  or of a message you are posting on the platform. 

There are instances where you will go off topic just once, in that case you will be alerted by the community manager to create a new topic for what you wish to discuss separate from the initial post that was created intended for a different purpose. 

Inciting of forbidden behaviour 

You have signed the code of conduct and so you know the kind of behaviour that is accepted and that which is not. 

Posts inciting illegal behaviour such as theft or hacking etc are not acceptable. 

Graphics & Images

Nudity or any graphic images are not allowed on any part of the platform.

Such images will be deleted immediately and you will be contacted by the community manager with a warning. 

Large images that are not website friendly will not be uploaded. Please keep your pictures to sizes recommended on site. 

Posting In Caps 

Do not post content in capital letters. This  platform contains people from different parts of the world and this kind of posts might be equated to shouting. 

Illegal Materials

We will check for materials that may be defamatory, infringe copyright or other Intellectual Property Rights, or are illegal for any other reason, including, but not limited to, Contempt of Court, pornography, or promoting terrorism and reserve the right to delete or amend any materials that in the manager’s reasonable opinion are likely to fall foul of the law.

The Final Word

The manager’s decision is always final.