Community Support

Every month, KujaLink provides a space for its members to ask questions to the team and also get to know each other.

During these office hours, we will answer questions about platform usage, upcoming webinars, our funding support programs, and more. If you’d like to register for the next webinar, please fill out the form below, and remember to select your language.

The next webinar will take place on March 26th 2024, at the following times:


  1. 8 AM Mexico/Honduras/El Salvador/Guatemala

  2. 9 AM Colombia/Peru/Ecuador

  3. 10 AM Venezuela/Bolivia/Chile

  4. 11 AM Argentina/Uruguay

  5. 12 PM West Africa Time

  6. 5 PM East Africa Time


  1. 8:30 AM Mexico/Honduras/El Salvador/Guatemala

  2. 9:30 AM Colombia/Peru/Ecuador

  3. 10:30 AM Venezuela/Bolivia/Chile

  4. 11:30 AM Argentina/Uruguay

  5. 12:30 PM West Africa Time

  6. 5:30 PM East Africa Time

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