To Get Funding, Be Fundable & Findable (#WednesdayWisdom)


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    #WednesdayWisdom by Kevin L. Brown ( CEO at Mighty Ally )

    To get funding, be fundable and findable.

    1.Be Fundable 🔓

    Tackle a specific problem. Serve a discrete group of people. Focus your mission and intervention. Measure a few outputs and outcomes. Make your vision powerful and precise.

    Get the right team in the right seats. Set 3-year,annual,quartely priorities. Back those goals with rhythms and routines.

    Being fundable means knowing why you exist, what you do, where you’re going, who will do it, and how to get there.

    2.Be Findable 🔍( hint: utilize KujaLink platform to embrace this )

    Locate gaps in your market landscape. Determine what makes you unique. Decide which audience to target. Communicate value propositions. Show off a daring brand personality.

    Develop bold messaging and storytelling. Execute a consistent marketing communications plan. Ensure your website and channels ( including your KujaLink organization profile ) are optimized. Partner with corporates to amplify your work via CSR.

    Being findable means occupying a distinct space in the minds of your audience, plus routinely communicating these brand promises.

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