Global Funding Trend Analysis Report Launch – Funding for Indigenous People

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    April 20 – 1pm – Report Launch – A comprehensive analysis of funding for Indigenous Peoples across the globe.

    The report aims to identify philanthropic and other sources of funding, assess the level of funding awarded to Indigenous-led organizations in comparison to non-Indigenous-led organizations, and to provide insights into the nature of funding for Indigenous Peoples.

    The report is structured around eight key themes, including:

    • community and economic development,
    • law and governance,
    • culture,
    • education,
    • environment,
    • women,
    • gender and sexual diversity, and
    • accessibility.

    It is the first report of its kind to provide a global analysis on funding for Indigenous Peoples. The report is expected to inform funders of the current state of funding, promote research and data-informed advocacy, and amplify Indigenous philanthropy.

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