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    Active Philanthropy puts the spotlight on climate funding strategies

    From Alliance Magazine article

    With its recently launched knowledge resource, Active Philanthropy puts the Spotlight on Climate Funding Strategies, supporting foundations and private funders to learn from each other.

    Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, and philanthropic organisations have a critical role to play in addressing it. However, with so many different approaches to climate philanthropy, it is difficult for philanthropic funders to define their unique role in fighting climate change. Indeed, a recent report by CEP found that only a few foundation leaders believe their current climate funding strategies are ‘very effective’[1]. This gap between the urgency of the climate crisis and the ineffectiveness of funding strategies calls for new approaches in climate philanthropy.

    Fortunately, climate philanthropy, though a complex endeavour, is no longer a blank sheet. In fact, it is on a growth trajectory, and there is much to learn from funders who were early in taking on climate change.

    Active Philanthropy’s new knowledge resource, the Spotlight on Climate Funding Strategies, features 21 case studies of funders who have effectively engaged in climate philanthropy. The resource highlights 10 funding strategies, ranging from Strategic Litigation to Research and Development. By sharing what has worked well and where opportunities for new funders lie, the Spotlight serves as a toolbox for funders who are new to climate as well as for climate funders who are reviewing their current strategy.

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