Survey Opportunity – Decolonising Partnerships – Validation of Recommendations

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    Last October, PeaceDirect, held a global consultation with activists and INGO representatives to explore how to transform #partnerships in international cooperation, particularly between #INGOs in the Global North and CSOs based in the Global South. It threw up a LOT of problems and challenges, as well as a lot of possible solutions.

    One conversation focused on the need for better #funding for CSOs in the Global South. While we have heard this before, the participants in the consultation came up with a list of around 10 recommendations related to funding. We’ve now gone back to the participants to ask which of the ten are the most important and valued by actors in the Global South.

    However, we’d love to cast our net wider and ask any other activists and actors in the Global South how they would prioritise these recommendations. Can you help?

    The link to the recommendations is below. (English version) (French version)

    There are only 2 questions and so this shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. We’d really appreciate your help in completing this form as well as sharing this with your networks.

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