The High Price of Lowballing Local Organizations

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    Repost from Linkedin from Lucy Puentes at Start Network…

    Hero Anwar’s blog post talking about fair Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) practices is well worth reading. I had the good fortune of partnering with REACH (Rehabilitation, Education and Community Health) on humanitarian action in Iraq, when working with Christian Aid – the work that Hero and the team does is commendable.

    “ICR is not simply an administrative add-on. It represents and enables so much of what we all care about in this work. I look forward to the day when INGOs and other funders share ICR generously and wear it as a badge of honour. When they say, proudly, “we care about fairness, strong partnerships, aid effectiveness, sustainability, impartiality, trust, the rights and well-being of women and other workers, local leadership, healthy organisations, and reducing waste, so OF COURSE we provide local organisations with the ICR they need.”

    Hero Anwar is the Deputy General Director for REACH (Rehabilitation, Education, and Community Health) in Iraq, and an advocate for local humanitarian leadership. REACH is an Oxfam partner.

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