1st Public Call for Applications to the KCDF YEIC Fund

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    Background of the Fund

    The world continues to face ecological threats that if no actions are taken, will lead to a global environmental crisis. Environmental conservation calls for collective solutions that are integrated into day-to-day activities for sustainability.

    There is a need for environmental conservation champions to mobilize their communities to act and contribute to solving the challenges experienced while enhancing their livelihoods and supporting access to education.

    Young Environmentalist Innovative Challenge (YEIC) is an environmental innovation fund established by KCDF through the generous gift of Mackenzie Scott with the aim of developing action-oriented young people with strong values and commitment to the conservation of the environment. The Challenge fund is inviting submissions of innovative ideas and solutions that will inculcate the spirit of environmental conservation and sustainable management of resources among children and Young in their various communities helping nature and building the targeted children and Young to be future champions of the environment.

    The challenge will provide funding to young people, community groups, and organizations to propose an environmental conservation intervention that provides livelihoods for the community and enhances access to education while ensuring community engagement. The ideas and solutions will support communities to become more resilient and adapt to climate change ensuring equality in access to a healthy environment, especially the vulnerable communities.

    About the Call

    This is the 1st public call for applications to the KCDF YEIC fund. The award will be given to young people, community groups, or organizations that will present innovations that demonstrate passion and commitment to environmental conservation. Environmental innovation should have an impact on access to education and livelihood enhancement. The applicant must demonstrate their ability to successfully mobilize people and provide leadership in environmental advocacy.

    The effects of climate change affect the whole community and therefore, the innovative ideas proposed will ensure optimal community engagement for sustainable environmental conservation and thus adapting to climate change.

    Education is an important tool for integrating any form of transformation. This challenge calls for a solution that will integrate environmental conservation with access to education at any level while ensuring that young people contribute to environmental conservation and still attain their education outcomes.

    Environmental conservation measures that enhance the livelihoods of the communities present opportunities for sustainable development. The proposed solutions, therefore, should ensure that community members have enhanced livelihoods that will enable them to assess and address livelihoods shocks.


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