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    Need for help with wheelchairs and crutches to support the personal mobility of internally displaced physically disabled people in Beni, North Kivu, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Indeed, internally displaced persons with physical disabilities in the Beni Region, in the North Kivu Province are confronted with the problems of personal mobility due to the lack of access to materials to support their mobility such as wheelchairs and crutches.

    The repeated wars in the region, characterized above all by the massacre of civilian populations by the ADF, of which more than 45 disabled people have been killed since 2014, have caused some disabled people to flee their villages, abandoning everything to take refuge in urban centers fearing for their safety. Faced with this situation, the disabled people, quickly evacuated by their family members during an incursion of the rebels into their villages, they abandoned everything, even their wheelchairs and other materials to support their personal mobility such as crutches.

    For some, these materials were even burned in their homes by the attackers, the ADF Nalu rebels. Still others do not have the possibility of accessing their villages due to the growing insecurity in the Beni region.

    Thus, these people with disabilities live in sadness in the middle of a refuge, following the isolation to which they are imposed by insecurity, because of the inaccessibility of their mobility support materials. To this end, we are asking for assistance in wheelchairs and crutches for disabled people facing the difficulties of personal mobility in the Beni Region. Emmanuel-ACPDPH-DRC

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