The double bad luck of the vulnerable Children

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    The child often has double bad luck to be saved.

    There are people who are more calculating, who approach these very vulnerable children, but with the objective of commercializing this vulnerability of these children, by investing in photography and publicity to impress Donors. After having funds, they first deduct the capital invested, as well as the profit sought, which will not give the chance to the children in question, to be assisted despite funds donated for them.

    There are people with a big heart, a vocation and a passion to save very vulnerable children, who give themselves body and soul, spending their meager fortunes, for the well-being of these children. but, since these people concentrate their means in the assistance, and that they do not have art to invest in photography and publication, do not find after exhaustion of their fortunes, Donors who can assist them and thus , vulnerable children lose the chance to be assisted after the exhaustion of people endowed with vocation and passion.

    Please, I appeal to everyone,
    to do a little exercise, just to test these kinds of people who show a vocation
    in the field of assistance to vulnerable children and you will find that there
    is no waste or exaggeration in management. You will conclude that the fund
    which normally helps 10 children, that it can help 30 children with these
    people of vocation

  • The double bad luck of the vulnerable Children

  • Baiye Frida Ebai

    January 19, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    So true.

    I work in Host communities with internally displaced people espercially on child protection(unaccompanied minors and separated children)and the pain is just so much to see.I can never bring myself to take a picture with a child in pain.We have instances where books are being shared to these children with their consent and that of the school or community head so that they too can keep their happy moments with books.

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