Unlocking Flexible Funding Opportunities

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    1. Negotiate Unrestricted Funding: Engage in discussions with your current funders to explore the possibility of transitioning program funding to a more unrestricted format. This approach gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic and could become more common with effective advocacy.

    2. Explore Innovation Funds: Investigate various flexible funding programs such as the Global Innovation Fund and The Audacious Project. These funds are tied to specific program outcomes but offer considerable latitude in terms of implementation methods. Even USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures program tends to be more flexible.

    3. Leverage Models from GlobalGiving and The Elevate Prize Foundation Consider adopting the model employed by organizations like GlobalGiving or The Elevate Prize Foundation, particularly for smaller programs. These funding pools are designed to accelerate and nurture innovative ideas in a flexible and unrestrained manner.

    4. Tap into Collaborative Funds: Explore collaborative funds such as the +1 Funds developed by The Roddenberry Foundation or programs like Co-Impact. These funders increasingly combine their resources to support larger, more experimental, and impact-driven initiatives with unrestricted funding.

    Encouraging funding partners to embrace these approaches can open up a wealth of opportunities for your organization.”

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