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    Need for financial assistance for the education of deaf-mute women and girls in sign language, on sexual and reproductive health in the health zone of BENI, MABALAKO, OÏCHA, MUTWANGA and KALUNGUTA, Province of North Kivu, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Indeed, sexual and reproductive health is also a right that women and girls with disabilities do not enjoy in the health zone of BENI, OÏCHA, MABALAKO, KALUNGUTA and VUHOVI on the basis of equality with others. Deaf and dumb women and girls are totally excluded and do not have access to sexual and reproductive health information due to the lack of sign language interpreters in the 3 health zones. However, deaf-mute single mothers are numerous in the health zone of BENI, OÏCHA, MABALAKO, MUTWANGA, KALUNGUTA and VUHOVI. This proves enough that they are also sexually abused in the region. Deaf-mute women and girls in the three health zones, due to their marginalization, do not have the right information on reproductive sexual health (menstruation). Some of them also have no knowledge of voluntary contraceptive methods and find it difficult to know how to calculate their menstrual cycle… This situation exposes them to unwanted pregnancies, contamination by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. To this end, it is necessary to promote the sexual and reproductive health of deaf-mute women and girls in the health zone of BENI, OÏCHA, MABALAKO, KALUNGUTA, MUTWANGA and VUHOVI Province of North Kivu, east of the Democratic Republic of Congo .

    Emmanuel/CAPRPD -DRC

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