Reshaping Philanthropy: Exploring Re-granting Dynamics for Local Impact

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    We’re thrilled to present our recent and engaging webinar, a deep dive into community-centric philanthropy and its transformative potential.

    Immense gratitude to our speakers for their precious gift of time and lived experience knowledge:

    Chimwemwe A. Fabiano from Akina Mama wa Afrika
    Aminata Kamara from Purposeful
    Robert White from TILITONSE FOUNDATION

    Key Takeaways:

    • Shifting Focus: the importance of shifting the focus of philanthropy toward people and their needs, rather than rigid structures and log frames.

    • Philanthropy Reimagined: Shifting focus towards people’s needs, documenting successes, and learning from mistakes while creating a responsive ecosystem that is community-driven.

    • Empowering Partnerships: Spotlighting the significance of equitable, culturally sensitive partnerships with philanthropic donors, placing people at the forefront.

    •Dispelling the Myth of External Expertise: Recognising that communities are the experts of their problems; there is no such thing as ‘external expertise’.

    Let’s continue championing community-driven approaches and inclusive philanthropy aligned with real people’s needs.

    To everyone who joined us and for those who missed the webinar, Here’s the link to access the recording Video Recording to catch up on the insightful discussions.

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