The State of Learning and Development in NGOs: Report

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    How well does your organization meet the five critical lenses for mastering organizational learning? We asked that question of close to 40 NGOs this summer.

    In its second year running, The State of Learning and Development Assessment Report sought to:

    • Garner insights from organizations on the state of learning.
    • Provide reflective questions for a thought-provoking experience for the responders as they review existing practices in their organizations.

    The 35-question assessment tool was designed to ensure responders review and reflect on their current working environments.

    We have organized the survey findings through five lenses:

    • Leadership and senior management support and sponsorship towards L&D,
    • L&D Strategy and strategic goals of the function,
    • Capacity in skills and resources to implement L&D initiatives,
    • Portfolio that has content, relevancy, and timeliness to service the needs of
      the organization
    • Communication and Branding through adding value and building

    See how our respondents benchmarked themselves in each of these areas.

    Link to Download Report:

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