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Webinar: Answering Grant Proposal Questions: Efficient Proposal Writing

A comprehensive webinar on the art of crafting funding proposals. Led by accomplished grantwriters, this session provides an exploration of the dos and don’ts of proposal writing and presentations and reviews some of the most commonly asked grant proposal questions found on international aid applications.

Here are the main take aways from the webinar in point form.

1. Embrace Support and Persistence: Persist in your efforts, and utilize your network for collaboration and advice to achieve success.
2. Partnership Approach: Treat relationships with funders as genuine partnerships, offering value beyond just financial need, and strive for reciprocity.
3. Continuous Learning: Take every piece of feedback as a learning opportunity. Engage in training and workshops to improve grant writing skills.
4. Highlighting Sustainability: Demonstrate the lasting impact of projects to funders to show that their investment will continue to yield benefits.
5. Nurturing Relationships: Build and maintain strong relationships, which is essential for understanding partnership needs and crafting tailored proposals.
6. Importance of Realistic Budgets: Create clear, transparent, and realistic budgets to outline project costs, which is key to gaining funder trust.
7. Promoting Your Value: Communicate the value and assets of your organization effectively when seeking resources.
8. Friend-Raising Over Fundraising: Focus on building genuine relationships (‘friend-raising’) rather than just raising funds.
9. Active Networking: Take the initiative to build one new relationship, highlighting the importance of proactive networking.
10. Transparent Resource Allocation: Ensure the allocation of funds is explicit and justified in budget sheets and logs.
11. Understanding Funder Limitations: Be empathetic towards the constraints funders might face and adapt your approach accordingly.
12. Problem-Solving Perspective: Illustrate your problem-solving capabilities both in the work you do and in your interactions with funders.
13. Effective Storytelling: Empower your organization by telling its story compellingly to engage potential funders and partners.
14. Pursuit of Skill Enhancement: Continually seek to enhance your capabilities in proposal writing and understanding funding mechanisms.
15. Participation in Educational Events: Attend budget workshops and similar training events to gain better financial planning skills and to craft more targeted grant proposals.
Each of these takeaways from the webinar encapsulates a principle or strategy aimed at improving the effectiveness of securing funding and building meaningful partnerships. The focus is on development, relationship management, skill refinement, and proactive engagement in the funding process.

06 / Mar / 2024