Improving Our Offerings – Opportunities, Webinars, Funder profiles

Over the last few months users will have noticed our experiments in adding more value for them on the KujaLink platform.  Our community facilitation team has:

  1. Implemented the first round of proposal reviews by experts from the Unfunded List who provide concrete feedback to CSOs on grant proposals.  In the coming months we will open new review rounds.
  2. Increased our posting of grant opportunities specific to the needs and interests of CSOs working in countries receiving development aid and humanitarian assistance.
  3. Hosted webinars on a range of topics linked to improving understanding of foundations and developing fundraising strategy.
  4. Increased the number of searchable funder profiles – with a focus on funders who are making direct grants to organizations working directly in their communities.

Over the next few months you will see more of this type of activity along with the start to funder briefings and offering additional learning opportunities.  The team is attending and networking at conferences and donor meetings to advance our partnerships, showcase the CSOs on the platform and develop new ways to support the direct flow of resources.

Special shout out to our intrepid Tech and Operations team who managed a major site migration and are readying the platform for our public launch in early 2024.