Have a great grant proposal? Need some feedback?


Great ideas deserve feedback and funding. We couldn’t agree more.

This is why KujaLink partnered with Unfunded List to provide high quality feedback on proposals that organizations had submitted for funding or were planning to submit for funding.  

In September we received 65 proposals for review.  In October, at least 4 reviews were completed for each proposal submitted. Over 3000 pages of feedback was created by professional reviewers. In November, each organization is receiving a 1:1 debrief of the feedback on their proposal.

Exciting news – The next round of submissions is scheduled for March 2024! 

Explore our calendar of activities and register for the informative webinar.

The participation in this initiative has no economic cost for KujaLink’s members.


At KujaLink we understand the frustration of spending weeks writing a proposal that ends up rejected or unanswered. We also know that many times a draft funding proposal spends months without being finished or without knowing which donor to send it to. Doubts arise about the structuring, vocabulary, measurements… 

We offer to you what your proposal needs: people with extensive funding experience who can review your application and give you the feedback you need to get your organization the funding it needs. This service will be free of charge for eligible organizations and projects, so, get yours ready!

Since 2015, Unfunded List has reviewed over 1,000 funding proposals worldwide. Its pool of 900 experienced reviewers has provided helpful, honest and actionable returns so that organizations could raise needed money, with proposals that had previously failed to get funded.

How does this initiative work?

  • To submit your application for review, you must have a complete organization profile on KujaLink. If you have any doubts about this, please contact us.
  • We recommend you attend the three webinars to be held by Unfunded List, during February 2024.
  • Applications must be written in English and must be targeted to a specific funder.
  • A team of professional evaluators with extensive fundraising experience will evaluate your application and a document containing all the notes from them will be sent to you exactly 2 months after the submissions deadline.
  • Finally, we offer an online meeting with one of the evaluators who were in charge of reviewing your application, so that you can clear up any remaining doubts.

The period for uploading proposals will run from March 18 to March 29 and it is mandatory to have attended at least one of the webinars given in February in order upload a proposal.

About Unfunded List

Unfunded List (www.unfundedlist.com) is a nonprofit with a mission to educate about philanthropy. Twice a year, it receives proposals from all over the world and, with the help of hundreds of expert proposal evaluators, each proposal is thoroughly reviewed. Helpful and candid review improves proposals and Unfunded List has provided feedback reports to proposal authors raising money for everything from climate change and sustainable agriculture, to last-mile health solutions, to education for women and girls, as well as refugee camps, countless local charities, after school programs, and various other community support organizations. Unfunded List has been funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the Tecovas Foundation, and Kettering Philanthropies and has conducted partnerships with KujaLink, George Washington University, MIT, Blackbaud, Skoll World Forum, and others.



Finding Funders that Fit: Effective Prospect Research┃ Feb 7th  2024

This webinar will help to equip CSOs with the essential tools and insights required to find funders who match their mission and interests. Expert speakers will guide participants through innovative strategies, emphasizing the use of data-driven approaches, relationship-building techniques, and emerging trends in donor engagement. This session will include a guided tour of the Funder profiles and search capabilities on the KujaLink platform.

From identifying potential funders to crafting compelling narratives, this webinar aims to empower CSOs with the knowledge and skills necessary to diversify their funding sources and strengthen their financial sustainability. 

Join us for an enriching exploration of prospect search that promises to catalyze positive change for your organization’s mission and impact.

Speaker: Dave Moss
When: February 7th, 2024
Modality: Online with previous registration
Duration: Hour and a half
Language: English with live interpretation in Spanish and French

Read more about the event

Efficient writing of proposals ┃Feb 21st 2024

A comprehensive webinar on the art of crafting compelling funding proposals. Led by seasoned experts in the field, this session will provide an exploration of the dos and don’ts of proposal writing. 

From structuring impactful narratives to aligning proposals with donor expectations, participants will gain valuable insights into the essential elements that captivate funders. 

Practical tips, real-world examples, and interactive discussions will guide CSOs through the intricacies of efficient proposal development, empowering them to communicate their mission, objectives, and impact effectively. This session will include a guided tour of resources available on the KujaLink platform.

Join us for an engaging webinar that promises to elevate your organization’s grant-seeking capabilities and increase your chances of securing the vital funding needed for transformative projects.

Speaker: Abby Robinson
February 21st, 2024
Modality: Online with previous registration
Duration: Hour and a half
Language: English with live interpretation in Spanish and French

Read more about the event

Budget presentation tools ┃ Feb 28th 2024

Dive into the realm of effective budget presentation with our webinar on navigating the intricacies of funding proposals for philanthropic organizations. This session will explore the essential tools and techniques required to master budgetary communication. 

An expert will guide participants through the selection and utilization of cutting-edge budget presentation tools, emphasizing clarity, transparency, and alignment with donor expectations. 

From creating realistic financial projections to utilizing visual aids that enhance understanding, this webinar will empower CSOs with the skills to articulate their financial needs persuasively. 

Join us for an insightful exploration that promises to equip your organization with the tools necessary to convey the financial intricacies of your proposal, fostering increased confidence and success in securing crucial philanthropic support.

Speaker: Margaret Chapman
When: February 28th, 2024
Modality: Online with previous registration
Duration: One hour
Language: English with live interpretation in Spanish and French

Read more about the event