Who are the intended users of KujaLink?

Civil Society Organizations in countries receiving humanitarian or other development assistance:

  • With initial direct funding from a foundation or other type of donor
  • Who are ready to graduate to a direct relationship with a donor from an intermediary relationship with an international NGO or other organization
  • Who work in close proximity to those they serve and are led by proximate leaders
  • Are part of the civil society ‘middle class’ with the potential to expand and or deepen their work
  • Who are grassroots organizations who are ready to grow their work

Funders of all types:

  • Who want to increase the amount they give to local and national organizations grounded in the civil society in countries receiving humanitarian or other development assistance.
  • Who may be without field staff or extensive in-country networks
  • Are committed to funding organizations with ‘proximity’, through their location and their leadership, to those they serve
  • Who are working through intermediaries and want to give more directly