All about our new What’s New section

Welcome to our new What’s New page.  We will provide regular updates on significant upgrades to the site as well as progress updates towards our goals.

We’ve been in the soft launch phase with the KujaLink platform since January 2023.  Over the last 6 months we’ve made major upgrades to the site including revised organizational profiles pages, new search capabilities and a new member landing page. All of the changes came at the suggestions of our users and our community management team with the aim of making the registration and profile creation process simpler and improving the ability of users to find each other via the search functionality on the site.

In May we launched an educational webinar series with partners.  These first webinars focused on improving the access to funding for groups working on Climate Change and Climate Justice with the Climate Justice-Just Transition Donor Collaborative and Youth-Led and Youth-Serving organizations with Global Fund for Children, Restless Development and CIVICUS. We will host our first Spanish language webinar in June 2023 and continue with both regional and global webinars through the end of the year.

Our goals, for the rest of 2023, are to continue to improve the current functionality of the site, recruit more organizations and funders to join the site and create profiles, expand our fundraising education offerings and work with funders to embed the KujaLink platform as part of their grantmaking processes. We are aiming for a public launch in early 2024.

Check back here for more updates and don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions or offers of partnership!