Sharing about KujaLink with Partners and Funders


The success of KujaLink rests firmly on the quality and quantity of the partnerships we build with networks, partners, funders and individual organizations.

Since March 2023 we’ve worked with the Climate Justice-Just Transitions Donor Collaborative (CJ-JT) team to recruit and onboard to our platform local and national organizations around the world working for climate justice.  This partnership has dramatically expanded our reach and increased the potential for meaningful connections between local and national civil society organizations and donors committed to supporting climate change initiatives.

Members of the KujaLink team traveled to Bonn for the CJ-JT Donor Collaborative retreat in June 2023.  The meeting was a transformative experience for the KujaLink team. Through active participation in the co-design process, we gained valuable insights into the power of collective action and identified crucial gaps in philanthropy for climate justice. The outcomes of this retreat will shape our future strategies and engagements, enabling us to better support the resourcing of CSOs working on climate justice issues.

The KujaLink team, alongside other Adeso colleagues, have been invited to present the platform at two upcoming events. The first is the Partner Expo by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Refugees Initiative, taking place on June 2023. The second is the 8th East Africa Philanthropy Conference, scheduled for June 28-30, 2023. These events provide us with valuable opportunities to showcase KujaLink, build new partnerships, and expand our reach.

We are developing plans for engagement with WINGS at their forum in October 2023 in Nairobi and the Shift the Power Summit in December 2023 in Bogota.